Friday, September 29, 2006

Who let the pumkin's out?

This one is HArry Potter meets Konami and the world of sidescroller video games!
That's the theme for Drawer geeks next week, and , since I didn't particularly wanted to do a flying broomstick, I'd figure i'd have some fun with it.

on a side note.
This is the last drawing untill I come back from my trip.
So... Good weekend, and good week to you all( whoever that would be!)


sarah said...

Yay! Awesome! The pumkins are super cute. If there was a game of this, I'd so buy it :)

Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

Cool idea for a drawqing!!!

see you later pascal!

Breadwig said...

This is so great, so much too look at. I'll have to show my daughter this. If you did a whole book like this it would rock. My daughter would look at it all day, just to see what's going on.

pascal said...

Thanks Guys.
I did this one after spending two days just pumping out concept designs for a sidescroller video game.
I thought I'd be sick of it by then, but, guess what?..I just LOVE it more and more.
I must be crazy I suppose...I like my job...

Thank you!

my very first book was actually done almost exactly like that.
except with seven years of experience inbetween , and no constraints from the publishers.
I hope your daughter enjoys it.
Let me know, please!

Breadwig said...

Ha, well, my daugter just turned five and she looked at the picture for about 15 minutes, making up stories for all the characters, etc. She especially loved "the chair that makes the pumpkin ghosts", and counting all the dungeons. She isn't really familiar with Harry P., but she said it was a haunted school and the big guy in the middle was showing all the kids where to go. She also requests that you do the rest of the illustrations in the story so she can look at them. :)


p.s. Which book was your first book, I'd love to get it for her for xmas.

BLECHA! said...


those kids would never make it past the first level... the dreaded blecha monstersquid would sure drag them to their doom.

thanks for the props, pascal.

pascal said...

say Hi to your daughter.
I'll definitely try to accomodate the might take some time though!

Blecha... the first level is the EASY level(^_^)