Saturday, September 30, 2006


This is the very first time I do this but, I felt I had to.
Many of you know of the Ghostbot guys, but a lot more actually don't.
These guys, Alan , Roque , Brad and Corrine, are the most brilliant flash animators I have had the honor to meet( they literally work five blocks away from where I live!)

Not ony are they the nicest people in the world, their work ethics are just formidable, and theirwork for the Esurance commercials is ground breaking in terms of flash animation for tv spots.

But, enough said.
Just go and check them out HERE
and see their latest Esurance spot HERE


Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

Cool blog,

I love the shorty mcshort shorts design and animation.

Lion_0 said...

Hey Pascal Awsome work as alyas man, I'm soo amazed at your artistry in your daily sketches. It was also a blast to meet you when you droped by the studio a couple of weeks ago. I can say that your visit made my day and i'll take your advice to hear and try to do better.

roque said...

Hey Pascal!

Thanks for the glowing review. Much appreciated coming from a man of Flash power like yourself.

You live that close?? You'll have to come by and visit more often!

sarah said...

Oh neat! I love those commercials!I always wondered who was responsible for such coolness :)

mike said...

uh.. what sarah said.

seriously, i was going to type the exact same thing.

instead i got to mention a great death cab for cutie tune!


pascal said...

hey Roque!
Yup..I really live that close.
I'd love to visit more though.
oh well...

Lion _o
Thanks man!
And..sara, mike and chet.
Yes..these guys are amazing!