Friday, September 08, 2006

sergeant Rock

I'm now participating in Drawer geeks, a litl forum that has a themed drawing every other week.
This week is Sergeant Rock.
I thought I'd explore the subject a bit since I barely knew that character!


bobby casumbal said...

congrats on your invitation to drawer geeks... you deserve it pascal!! intense war action on sgt. rock... i'd say you nailed it :)

sarah said...

These made me laugh out loud while looking at the drawergeeks site. Awesome! I love how the girl looks so annoyed.

So glad you joined drawergeeks!

mike said...

hey cool! you're on drawer geeks now!

these were great, pascal! hillarious!

you're gonna make us all look bad. ;)

pascal said...

Thanks Mike..I doubt that, but thank you.
Sarah... (^__^)