Wednesday, September 06, 2006


these curious little elephants are back at it again it seems. for this one, I tried a different way of coloring.. I did a sketch on paper, and colored in photoshop using different overlay and multiply layers. I'm only partial to the results, but, it's an interesting attempt.


robert casumbal said...

yikes! i always feel sorry for the ones on the bottom... poor poor elephants :(

mike said...

i love those elephants, pascal!

pascal said...

thanks Guys!

the doodlers said...

Hahah! Is there a human in that pile? I like the piranhas approaching thru the sand like underwater wolves.

Interesting to see your pencil line work. Are your other illustrations done in Flash?

pascal said...

the doodlers.

thank you.
I actually thinkthe line work kind of gets lost here.
The pencil drawing was verynice( to me atleast!)but I wanted to try something different.

Usually, all of my other color stuff is straight flash, yes.

and, no there are NO humans in thispile.
Just a bunch of clumsy elephants!