Monday, September 18, 2006

Monday sketch...animated

"just thought I'd change a bit the "dauly sketch!"
I'd lie if I said I did all of it this morning though.
I was going to try and do it for friday, but caught up in other work.
I just "ended it" this morning.

happy monday
( oh , it's a one meg file, and has music.
If there are any animators looking at this.. remember .. SKETCH of the day, right Alan?

for those who can't view the quicktime, try this link


mike said...


i love this series of yours pascal! it's funny how the boss is always getting upset about productivity but then he's always smoking at work. :D

sarah said...

Gaah! I'm so not computer savvy, I can't get it to play :(

pascal said...

The link just doesn't download for you?

Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

pretty funny pascal.

Alan said...

HA! That is one serious "sketch". Well done!

sarah said...

Couldn't get it to play for some reason. It's okay though... it worked on Stephen's computer last night. SO so cute! We both loved it. Always so impressed with your work :)

pascal said...

hehehe, yeah, it was a serious sketch
slightly longer to do than the other ones

what type of computer do you have?
what system do you use?
( oh, and thanks.
hi stephen... that was the guy wearing the sarah mesinga t shirt, right?(^__^)