Tuesday, September 05, 2006

the call

A little late sketch... 'cause I needed to resally wake up today.I've used these guys before, but I thought today was such a great oportunity to use them again..couldn't think of anything else anyhow...so.. here it is!


sarah said...

Cool! Those little red guys have such expressive poses. It amazes me how you do such involved illustrations every day :)

Mac McCool said...

Some parts of the image are a little hard for my eye to "read," but there is such a great left-to-right flow (with the colors and the various signs that act like little visual arrows), that on another level, it's a very exciting image.

pascal said...

Sarah...Thank you!
It's not always like that though.
some days I just don't have time to do anything but work .

Mac.. agreed...I think the left part has some blind spots.
good point!

Alan said...

Love the color here Pascal. Keep on rocking it!

pascal said...

Ah...Hadn't seen you there ALan!
How are you ??(oh..and thank you!)