Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Flight 4

I'm working on a little story for flight.
this page turned out pretty well I thought.
So.. here it is( it may change for the final.. that's why I want to show it before it changes!)


sarah said...

Shows how little I've been on the forum lately. I hadn't even seen your story! I'm SO excited that you are doing a story for Flight 4 :) Yay! This looks wonderful too.

robert casumbal said...

beautiful story!

pascal said...

I actually DID see the forever box..and it looks Somtuous( correct spelling?)

And i just read your are stealing candies from babies?
damn... so many hidden things about you!

You'll have to check out flight four when it comes out.
SO many great stuff in it.. heck, i'm not even sure there'll be room for mine in there!

sarah said...

Thanks Pascal! I'm working crazy hard on it and so terrified I won't have it done in time. I went over to the forum and read your whole story. It's really lovely!

pascal said...

OH thank you sarah!
I'm like you.
've never done this before.. so.. it's a fun experiment.
I'm also a little afarid for time since i'm going to be travelling extensively in the next few weeks.
But, hey.. It's all forthe fun of it.

mike said...

aw!! you two are making me feel left out! how unfair that you two can read eachothers stories already!

ah, well. things are better for those who wait.

or something like that.


Breadwig said...

This is looking totally great. No words, and it's beautiful, love it.

pascal said...

Wow.. Mike, Bryan.
Thanks Guys.
I really need the encouragemnet!

Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

Killer, this is one of your best looking drawings ever(well actually its a few drawings).

pascal said...

Oh wow.. coming from you this is a GREAT compliment Chet!

BLECHA! said...

Nice shapes & silouette with the two figures on the bench.

Congrats on being in Flight. You'll really class that dingy joint up.

Muffin said...

Hey, I gotta check your blog more often. This one is very sweet. Sad'n Sweet. Sounds like a candy. ;P
I gotta look more into this flight stuff. :p I hardly know anything about it.

derik said...

Touching short. Nicely done. 8D