Friday, September 15, 2006

Mister Monster, are you Here?

This is an old one from my sketchbook.
But I thoughtit was a nice one.
I usually don't go through my sketchbooks at all, but I just did last night , and found some pretty funny ones.

DO you guys ever have that thing where you remember the day you did the actual drawing?
I seemed to remember every day on a whole section of my sketchbook.
it's very interesting.

have a great weekend


sarah said...

I like this! Kind of creepy...

I generally don't remember where I drew most drawings, but there are a few, even from ten/twelve years ago, where I remember all the details. Like who was sitting next to me, where I was, time of day... all that. Interesting.

Breadwig said...

Love this sketch. I often remember where I was when I was drawing something. I also tend to remember what was being said when I was drawing something, like in a meeting or in a class, or church, much better than if I was just sitting there, letting my mind drift. Of course, everyone else figures I'm not even paying attention.

pascal said...

Hey , thanks Sarah.

Is that You Bryan?
I' LOVE your work.
I love that little three d dog wearing pants that you have on your site.

I also remember what is being said, what music is playing, etc etc...
and yeah.. A few times, i got in trouble because people thought I wasn't paying atention

Breadwig said...

Ha, thanks Pascal. I'm so glad you joined DG and that I could find your work. It's so great to check out what you're up to and about.


pascal said...

hey.. thanks Bryan
same here, SAME here