Monday, September 25, 2006

It's a great day

Not because it's monday though.
That kinda sucks actually.
allthough this sketch might not be that exciting, it's neverthelles a bench mark fro me.
It's the 400th sketch in my" sketch of the day" practice!

I started this in june of last year, and have tried to be fairly consistent.
Sometimes doing more than one or two a day, sometimes less.
And, now, I've hit four hundred.

Im happy.



Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

Killer pascal.

sarah said...

Congratulations on hitting four hundred!! What a great challenge (and wonderful exercise) to do a sketch a day.

This city seems to have a story behind it. Is it anywhere particular?

pascal said...


god.. I gave myself so many challenges last year.
At one point, Iw as trying to do one short animation a week in addition to the sketch of the day AND my regular work.
Needless say I wasn't able to keep that up,especially AFTER i got engaged(^__^)
I'll get back to that though, since Animation is such a big part of my passion.

as far as the city.
It doesn't have a particular story.
I'd made up a whole storyboard in thumbnails , and this was one of the last big shots.
But, it got crushed on the very first presentation( whihc is really strating to p..s me off, excuse my french) but , that's the way it goes.

Also.. the skethc a day is loose.
It really started with a very SIMPLE sketch. and was only five days out of seven( weekend was animating and living a little!)

my.... I write a lot these days, don't i?

Ajay Karat said...

KUDOS ! 400 is a huge number !

hxero said...

I saw your art in flight forum... nice sketch

Tonje said...

This one is just brilliant!! And congrats on hitting 400!

pascal said...

hey Guys!
Thank you all!