Monday, November 13, 2006

Tchoo tchoo

I got a bike this weekend.
Had Indian food again( I think I must be sick, an addiction or something..I just can't get enough of it), wen to a very interesting Philipino event( katrina is Filipino), and, just had a ton of stuff to do.

I also cleaned up my computer and "organised" my sketches.
I had actually more than I thought!

Now it's monday..


Adam Ford said...

Fantastic compostions and colors


thank you for this one, pascal. above and beyond the usual crap you put out. i think my eyes involuntarily bugged out of my head.

what's up with elephant car?

sorry about the bike- stolen in emeryville or SF?

Anonymous said...

Hi there !
I found your blog surfing on some other ones, and that's a pretty good surprise ! I like the dynamic in each of your pictures. There is generally a nice mood in, maybe because of the colors you pick well.
That's good for my eyes, thanks !

A French fan.

sarah said...

Wow Pascal! I love all the little details. Each little person on (and above the train) is so unique :)

Chris Houghton said...

Sa-weet! What do you do for a living Pascal, where you have time to pump out an fantastic illustration every day?! They're great, absolutley love 'em.

mike said...


pascal said...

Thanks guys!

at the building itself.
can you believe it?

I work during the day for LEAPFROG, in Emeryville, California.
I'm a secret avenger at night... or something like that..