Monday, November 20, 2006

Sherlock who?

The theme of the week for the frog blog we do at work was Sherlock Holmes.
I did this one pretty quickly because I never thought of using it as a final piece.
But, it turned out kind of nicely,and I decided to use it as is!


Mac McCool said...

Another amazing image!!! Now, that's RAIN!!!

Chris Houghton said...

Oh wow, that's great! What do you do these in? Flash, Illustrator? Lookin' dectectively wonderful.

Breadwig said...

Yeah, this turned out super nifty coolio. Love the vertical stripes of the rain with his plaid.

Dik Pose said...

Nice work Pascal!

sarah said...

He looks so miserable to be in the rain! I like it though :) Yay for Pascal art!

bala said...

great work!

stunning character and colour combination!

pascal said...

hey Guys..thanks to you all.
it means a lot to me, especially today!

one of those days