Wednesday, November 08, 2006


I love classic images seems a good western always has some recurring situations that you just can't avoid.

it's Wednesday, stay warm, because it is wet out there!


sarah said...

Awesome Pascal! Everyday you do such solid stuff :)

willborough said...

Wow great image. I was confusing the smoke from the left guy's cigarette with some sort of flight-line of the bird in the middle, but that's just a minor nitpicking. Great blog!


Marco Bucci said...

Oh man..I LOVE this. So deceptively simple. The colour knocks me out.

pascal said...

Well...shucks girl....

Willborough, no no it's not minor..if you mention it, it means it's there!
I'll take a look at that and fix it (eventually)

Simple is hard for me...I work HArd at it!

I never thought I'd see you posting here actually.
Thank you.

I use flash for most of my color work.
For this one.
I did all the artwork in flash, and , used Photoshop's "liquify" filter to swirl it like that.
But that's pretty much it.

the brushes in flash are very basic though