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Sunny Side

Sunny Side Little sneak peak of SUNNY SIDE, my new art book, with the fantastic French publisher CAFE SALE. It will first be available at Annecy, during the festival, ( June 4th to 9). In this book, there are not only images, but a lot of questions and answers about my thoughts and processes when it comes to making art, daily sketches and a bunch of other things. Thank you to Katrina( my wife) and Karine de Cafe Sale who made this possible. These pictures were taken in Italy, by Celine Antoine. Un petit preview de Sunny Side, mon prochain Art book avec l'incroyable editeur CAFE SALE. Le livre sera en premier disponible a Annecy, durant le festival qui se deroule du 4 au 9 Juin. Je serai sur place du Mercredi au Samedi je ferais des dedicaces, mais je remettrais les dates et horaires quand je serais sur de ne pas dire de betises. Ce livre est un peu different des autres arts books que j'ai fais dans le sens ou il y a pas mal de questions reponses par rapport a ma facon de faire, de penser. Merci a Katrina, ma chere et tendre epouse et a Karine ,de Cafe Sale qui ont rendu ce livre possible. Ces photosont ete prises en Italie par Celine Antoine.

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Chasing Butterflies

This one is a bit different..rougher . I saw my little boy run around the garden yesterday and when he ran behind the bushes, there was this great play of light happening. It's already pretty hard for me to draw foliage, and to add light and shadow to it is incredibly hard for me. This is more of a test, a research if you want, and I wasn't going to post it at first..but I figured.... It'll be nice to put it, and, in a few weeks, few months from now, when I figure out how to think about this more properly and render it in a more convincing manner, I'll be able to look back on this and realize that it was as good a starting point as any other. I am writing this because I get a lot of questions or concerns about younger artists or students who are afraid of trying to do something they don't think they can, or actually think they would never be able to. All you need to do is the first step, and then build on it's a little like opening a box of make it yourself toys.. except that you have no instructions. You have to tinker around a bit( or a lot) to figure it out.

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