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Off to comic con!

Comicon is sure to be an exciting time this year! I can’t wait to meet new and old friends. If you can come by to see me, I’ll be at Booth G03, where I usually am every year. If you miss me at my booth be sure to check me out at 2 signings I have during the Con.

I’ll be doing 2 signings at the VAN EATON GALLERY BOOTH. This is gonna be so exciting since I’ll be debuting my exclusive pieces that I talked about earlier in the week. THURSDAY 4-5pm and SUNDAY 11:30 - 12:00pm.

I’ll be doing another signing at CTN on FRIDAY from 3:00 -5:00pm.

Come by and see me. I’ve been printing a good assortment of my images all week and I am also debuting my new book called LITTLE BIG THINGS, which is my largest collection of images I’ve put together to date. Looking forward to meeting you all.

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Signing at the Van Eaton gallery booth at Comic con

I am very excited to announce that exclusive and original Pascal Campion illustration pieces of will be featured and available only through Van Eaton Galleries (  Van Eaton Galleries are the authority of animation illustration in the West Coast (and probably the world!) and I am honored and excited to be working with them.  I'm trying new things and am pushing myself to do something special for this 5 piece series, I can barely wait to share with you the final release!

  Today is a sneak peek detail of my work , however you'll be able to see my new pieces at the Van Eaton Gallery Booth at Comicon in San Diego.  More details to come!  Lots of things happening and it's great...

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