Friday, October 31, 2008

The wrong costume

...Theodore is thinking he shouldn't have let his older sister pick a costume for him....

Have a GREAT Halloween!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rio Grande

This is a piece I did for the "Those Guys' Charity art auction and movie screening that'll be happening in November!

The theme was to do a pice based on movies that influenced you as a kid,,, and I watched a LOT of westerns! This is more an hommage to ALL westerns, as opposed to just one, but I still call it Rio Grande!

For more info on the auction, here's a link to the blog and the site

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


A little image for Abigail's room..She's not a year old yet!
Have a GREAT day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Bday Alexa!

(^_^) Happy Bday....a little late, but..Happy nonetheless!

Monday, October 27, 2008


Just got back from London.
It was a great trip, even if it was just for business.
One thing I learned while there though, is how much I need my family around me to feel happy. I always knew it, but never to that extent. Without them, it felt like I was just going through the motions, and, although I was enjoying the work, I just wanted to be back!
Now that I'm back. I'm happier than ever.
I know it has been said billions of time, but a kid will REALLY change you!

Anyhow... I'm still neck deep in work, so I'm still not getting back to sketch of the day full time...but, I will post probably more than I did the past ten days!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Still in London

...But I will be coming back soon!
I can't post images from here, not on my FTP at least, which is why there have been no posts of images or videos.
But when I come back, although I'll still be very busy , I'll start posting sketches again...I hope.

Meanwhile, all is good here.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

another doodlie do, and off I go

..that was from my sketchbook actually. I just scanned the page, and colored in photoshop... it's fun.
And I'm off today for the UK.
see you all in about two weeks.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Doodlie dos

'was watching TV and started doodling the end of the movie, it became this. The funny thing is that the movie had NOTHING to do with the theme, the tone or nature of this "doodle" turned sketch!
Funny, hu?
Them I took it in photoshop to show Katrina a few things you can do with adding a bit of values here and there!

Anyhow... Have a GREAT Monday.( Happy Birthday to you know who!), and..I'm OFF to London tomorrow for ten days. So it will be even harder to do any sketching to post while over there!

this is the one with wich I showed Katrina some stuff. I like them both

Thursday, October 09, 2008

cooling off

...I'm pretty peeved this bike got stolen from my OWN garage last night.
Not only is it a very very annoying thing, my bike is also my main mode of transportation in this city. Cheaper and friendlier than having a car..

I'm VERY's an image to try and cool me off..
Thank god I have Lily and katrina

Cheers, and..yeah.. have a good day( I'll try too!)

Monday, October 06, 2008

Hard to get to work this morning... I did a little sketch.
Have a great week!


ps..I know, I know...I should be working instead...I know.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

A last little one....

...Just to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to GERRY and PETER!


ok...I'm gone now..

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

tata for now...

Ok guys... this is it for a few weeks. I just got some pretty aggressive schedules on a few of my projects and I want to give them my full attention.
I know I've said this before, and I've not been able to stop myself from posting. So, don't be surprised if I squeeze a sketch here and there, but, for now... see you later!
Have a GREAT day!