Monday, October 13, 2008

Doodlie dos

'was watching TV and started doodling the end of the movie, it became this. The funny thing is that the movie had NOTHING to do with the theme, the tone or nature of this "doodle" turned sketch!
Funny, hu?
Them I took it in photoshop to show Katrina a few things you can do with adding a bit of values here and there!

Anyhow... Have a GREAT Monday.( Happy Birthday to you know who!), and..I'm OFF to London tomorrow for ten days. So it will be even harder to do any sketching to post while over there!

this is the one with wich I showed Katrina some stuff. I like them both


Youngsun Kim said...

nice one as always. I wish to have this drawing for my blanket or something ha~. Have a good trip to London!

jason hickman said...

awesome! fun sketch.

Lisa Tao said...

wooow so crazy!! good jobbbb

Chris Houghton said...

Wow! Wonderful, have a sweet time in London!

Jorge A. Morales said...

Hey Pascal in case you haven't seen this just yet, these reminded me of your cartoons; enjoy.

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
Jorge.. That is an AWESOME video!
Love the little guys passing on the cubes!

Thank you