Tuesday, October 14, 2008

another doodlie do, and off I go

..that was from my sketchbook actually. I just scanned the page, and colored in photoshop... it's fun.
And I'm off today for the UK.
see you all in about two weeks.


RAWLS said...

Have a fun safe trip my friend!

Pop9 said...


sarah said...

SO festive! Hope your little one is doing well. :)

Chantale Boudreau said...

nice! :) have a fun trip!

SiDEBAR said...

Pasc, do you know why you rock? I'll tell you why you rock--'cause you update your blog so often! It's always got something fresh and I always love it!

Have fun on your trip and cheers, mate!

Ryan Green said...

Love the look of the ink line! You should post more of that.

pascal said...

Hey, thanks guys!
I'm in London right now, and just don't have time to do anything else but work( at least, so far!)
I'll be posting again when I get back, but, for the moment...well...let's consider I'm still on my off time!

haaaaaaaaaaaaaa.she's doing GREAT!