Thursday, October 09, 2008

cooling off

...I'm pretty peeved this bike got stolen from my OWN garage last night.
Not only is it a very very annoying thing, my bike is also my main mode of transportation in this city. Cheaper and friendlier than having a car..

I'm VERY's an image to try and cool me off..
Thank god I have Lily and katrina

Cheers, and..yeah.. have a good day( I'll try too!)


Tobias Schwarz said...

Sorry to hear. Had the same thing happening to me ...many years ago in Berlin. Somebody actually made a hole (!) to get my 2 bikes out...I am still upset about it!

RAWLS said...

That sucks man. Make sure that you harbor no ill feelings though...that goes for you too Tobi.
Perhaps the best way to think about it is that the person who took it didn't want to, but they had a sick mother across the country and they had no money to get there, so they decided that your bike was the only one that looked good enough to make the long and desperate journey.

aintshakespeare said...

Sorry about the bike. Great pic though. That's turning negative energy to positive.

The last several pics of your family are very cool. Great work.

Vee (Scratch) said...

Happened to me once so I feel your pain. Lovely illustration.

I loved being able to ride a bike to work instead of traveling via the crowded trains.

Barry said...

Sorry about your bike Pascal. This also happened to me too, taken right from my garage. With my next bike I ended up having to lock it up in my own garage!

Have a better week. Great illo too.

Unknown said...

Awesome pic Pascal! and sorry to hear about your bike :(

Anthony Holden said...

Oh no, your trusty steed! And out of your own stable!!
Good luck with that (hope it's found, or you can get a new one without too much trouble).

Dougmian said...

We live in a bad world! But you and your family are different! Keep your drawings, and you will change the world! Just was a bike! You can buy other.... But your family are fine! It´s more important! (okay, my last big comment, in the next I will stop!)

jessicadrhp said...

:( sorry to hear about it, though its turned into a beautiful illustration


Ah no! I'm sorry to hear about your bike! Who knows...maybe it will turn up.

Lovely illustration!

jason hickman said...

Guess a lost bike is better than a stolen car...still sucks though... great pic!!!

Hoon said...

I really love your colors and design though I didn't write a comment here.

pascal said...

Thanks for the support guys!

Chris Houghton said...

Let me at 'im! What a bummer dude. I guess it's a good excuse to get a new bike though?

Felipe C. Ribeiro said...

I like the brightness and the composition of all his paintings.

Reza said...

wow,,,i love all of ur works,,,it such a honor to meet u here,,,i like ur studyng painting,,,i up my old and new works..almost all of hem are my live sketches,,whould u come and see my sketches and past ur opinion...i realy realy need ur guidance,,,thx ;) :)

Pascal said...

aw man, that sucks!
happens to me all the time, my bikes always get stolen, no matter where of how I lock em up...

good way to lose the negative energy though, just draw away!!

awesome stuff btw, I've been checking your blog for awhile now, really really inspiring!

keep it up!

Reza said...

thx man,,,heh,,,,;) ur words gives me some hope...i iran
almost everyone don know bout this kind of art...they actually just love paintings realism realism kobism abstract,,,and etc,,,,,
i show ur works to some of my friends that know the worth of this kind of seen,,,,
they realy realy like and just saY: WOW reza,,,this works are AWSOme...who create these?
this kind of art are to HOnest,,,
also in work
and in ur personality,,,
good job
have fun
lets connect to each other sometimes,,,i like to learn from guys like u!
thx for ur time to reading and answering my friend,,,

reza riahi!

pascal said...


Pascal said...


I think u got me and Pascal Campion mixed up here...

my name is also Pascal, but I aint mr. Campion...
so the comment I made was direct to mr.Campion... not u..

ooooops, sorry dude! :D