Monday, November 06, 2006

The astronaut

Dreaming of the stars starts Early...
and , today, is an EXTRA early day at work.
I can't believe I'm having a seven thirty conference call..on a MONDAY!

That's tortuous....

By the way.
I went to see FLUSHED AWAY yesterday.
and, boy, surprisingly, it's a GREAT , Fun movie!
Don't let the character design deceive you, and don't expect the movie to change your life,( just your perception of French Frogs maybe), but, if you want to laugh a little, a lot even....go see it.
It has the same type of humor as wallace and gromit, maybe a little less refined, but in the same vein.
That's my two cents!

I especially liked the'll see why...and the frogs, of course!


sarah said...

Wonderful as always Pascal :) Now I want to go check out Flushed Away too!

Tony C. said...

I saw "Flushed Away" as well yesterday. Lots of good laughs, and it brought a bit of the great Aardman sensibility to a CG film.

Of course, there were still plenty of characters getting hit in the nuts to keep the Dreamworks execs happy. :P

The rooftop in your sketch reminds me of the flat I stayed in in Scotland. Thanks for brining back some happy memories.

Asier de la Fuente said...

I love yur work. is definitely great that vintage look combined with Tim Burton´s innocence and dark look. Great. I hope to reach that level one day. ;)

craig said...

So prolific. Another great post!

Alan said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I'll definitely check it out. I loved the Wallace and Gromit movie.

Great image again! Colors rock hard. Weren't you suppose to slow down on the postings? Or is THIS slowing down??

bala said...

you are a art machine man!!


love colours and depth!

Sabrina Eras said...

My Goood!!!
your work is awesome!!
Love your your colors..they´re great!!

Heath said...

Great stuff Pascal! I first saw your animation work along time ago on your website and loved every one of your films. Keep up the great work. I can't wait to see more!

Graham Ross said... I miss out if I don't check this page every few days...

Would you ever consider doing a step-by-step for us on one of your drawings? I'd love to see how you block out your shapes and colors...

pascal said...

Thanks guys.
I was a little suspicious about this one , because it literally took me thirty minutes to do.( you can see some of the clouds are SO sketchy! ).
I had the idea after doing the other one with the rooftop, and realising that I liked ROOFTOPS!
Ahven't drawn enough of them.

So..thank you.

let me know what you think of it when you see it.

Tony. A totally aardman sensisbility, with alittle more crudeness to it.
Where were you in Scotalnd?
I lived, as a very young kid, in Hess...a litlle above Aberdeen if I can remember correctly.

God..these are AWESOME references!
I remember seeing Nightmare before Christmas when I was in College.
I didn't know anything about it, or what the heck it was( I was NOT in animation at all at that time) and I was totally blown away by it!


I slowed down in the respect that are less than ten people fighting or balancing each other on their heads in my drawings now.

No, not really.
Take a look at Alan's site( Ghostbot) , you'll see a REAL art sqad at work there!
By the way..GREAT pictures on your site!

That's so funny that you post here.!
I've seen your work months ago already!

Same for you!
Your website image was on my desktop for a few weeks a while ago!

It's funny you mention that , because I did exactly that for the little guy with his hot chocolate on the rooftop!

If you guys want, I can post it at some point, or just send it to who wants it( i'm not sure everybody would want to see that)

Graham Ross said...

I'm sure we could all benefit! Thanks!

Jeni Q said...

How very strange.
I saw Flushed Away this weekend and was image Googling for a picture of slugs to use as my wallpaper. I changed the search to Large Images only, and two of your pictures appeared. I liked what I saw and followed the link.
After scrolling through your blog and looking at your pics, I gave up on a slug picture and choose The Astronaut for my wallpaper, loving the wishful look and big sky. Then I realized I'd hit upon your Flushed Away post. Serendipity!