Thursday, November 09, 2006

The new pet

phone doodles are just the best.

on a side note.
There are a few "drawing blogs" that I thought some of you guys would like to check out.
One of them, of course, is Drawergeeks.
A bunch of very talented people such as Sarah Mesinga, Mark Behm, Bryan Ballinger, Greg HArdin post every two weeks some drawings based on a common theme there.
I just got in with them, and must say what a GREAT experience that is.
I can't say enough about group activities like that.
They just push you to do something that is not always in your comfort zone, with very little stress.
Beats most schools I know. you can find it HERE

Other really cool drawing blogs like that are the blue sky studio challenge, with artists like Agent 44, or any of the blue sky designer in fact( you can say whatever you want about a feature, you have to admit that the artists on these movies are all individual SUPERstars) HERE it is

and, one that I discovered not very long ago and that has my mouth watering each time I take a look at it is the AVALANCHE studios blog which you can find HERE

And, on a final note.
For all of you that read blogs and don't post notes, either because you're not logged in, you are shy , you are French and don't feel good about your writting, ( yup, Anne, Got your email, and I REALLY REALLY liked it!)....well... THANK YOU , because I sometimes hear about people who have seen my stuff, or my friend's stuff..and, well... that just feels good!
HAVE A GREAT DAY everybody!



Tony C. said...

Wow...ummm...Just wow.

I am always amazed by the amount of elements you put into a piece, how long does your average blog piece take?

How long did this phone doodle take?

And most importantly, have you found a wormhole that allows you to add immense amounts of detail in a very short period of time, or do you just not sleep?

Martin Hsu said...

Awesome sketch buddy!!

Todd Harris said...

great post pascal. you've got some fun stuff here. nice work.

Mattias Adolfsson said...

wonderful sketch

mike said...

that whale is so fun!

he's having a whale of a... nah.. i won't go there.

sarah said...

Yay! Thanks for the shout-out Pascal! I'm so glad you joined drawergeeks :)

This is a wonderful sketch also. I am so curious about this creature and his story.

And as Tony said, you always put so much into every one of your drawings. It's very impressive.

pascal said...

thanks gys

pascal said...

ho..and, Tony...
That phone call was about an hour I would say( or let's put it that way..the time I spenton the doodle was about an hour)
it's funny..everybody asks me if I ever sleep at all..and, really, I do.
I just get up a little early, but, that's about it!

I remember being forwarded your work a little while ago.
I loved it then, i love it now.
Thanks for the nice note!

mister cow.
oie, oie, oie


Ah...thanks buddy!

Thank you, i really apreciate that coming from you!