Wednesday, November 22, 2006

last one before Thanksgiving

I'm not sure if I will be posting anything in the upcoming days, untill the beginning of next week.
So, HAPPY TURKEY DAY for everybody!


Alan said...

Fat Reindeers rule. Have a great holiday buddy.

Dan said...

wow, you sure pump out the work man, crazy consistent too. inspiring to say the least!

Tony C. said...

I love those round reindeer!

bala said... never stop!
after your short break,there will be more posting! i guess..

great colour, the birds!

g-fifty said...

really sweet blog! great work!

Vincent Batignole said...

i have discovered your blog thanks to flight and i have to say i just LOVE your style! man, i am so jealous haha!

sarah said...

Love all the birds! Happy Thanksgiving!

Mette said...

all your last ones have been so nice, especially colorwise. I love the yellow in the ducks, and I really like the bluegreyish backgrounds you have used for most of them.

Breadwig said...

Yep, you do the best birds in the biz my friend. Truly great.

Jeremiah Alcorn said...

Hey Pascal. I love your stuff man! It's just jam packed with all the elements that make great great illustration so great! Keep up the inspiring work sir.

mike said...

good. i was looking for something for my desktop for the holidays. :)

pascal said...

Thanks guys!
I did

Thank you.
Check out the other guys posting here, and you'll geta good dose of inspiration as well!

I love them too!

I'll try to post consistently..but , you never can be sure I will

muchas gracias

Tu est francais?
Un autre!
J'ai vu ton site et tes boulots.
vachement sympa dis moi!
J'aime beaucoup

(^__^)Happy turkey day to you too



They use to call me the birdman in the old days, but that was for a different reason

God..I love it when someone whose work Is an inspiration stops by and says hi( just in this thread alone...)

see?aren't you glad you came?

Happy Gobble day to you all guys!