Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The totem pole

God..I've been trying all day to post this image on my blog, but , for some reason, I just couldn't get on.
It seems a bit better now.
So.. anyhow..happy Tuesday.
And, guess what?
This is my #500 sketch since I've started sketch of the day a year and a half ago!
Ok..if you do the maths, there has NOT been 500 days since I've started.
The reason for this amount of sketches, is that I sometimes did a few sketches in a day, and only posted one, and, I also did a bunch of sketches for freelance jobs, and friends, and other things that I still put in the folders.
All,in all, there probably is only about 400 sketches that have been posted, maybe even a bit less, but the bulk of them is 500 as of today!
So.. I'm happy!


Anonymous said...

Wow, congratulations on hitting 500! That's so impressive.

I love the warm yellows in this, makes the snowy day seem strangely cozy :)

pascal said...

I'm actually pretty impressed myself.
I made a single folder with all of the sketches in there, and there's quite a bit of them!

Thanks for the comment on the image too!

Iggy said...

You go Mr. Energie!!!

Loving these 3 characters by the way.

iamintricate said...

500? That is dedication my friend. I really wish you'd put these out in book format.

How many layers do you usually end up with?

pascal said...

I usually have about nine layers I would say.
But, it's kind of hard to say acurately since I work in flash and I have symbols within symbols that have their own layers.

Tony C. said...

Congratulations on hitting 500! I am trying to be as dedicated as you, toward improving my craft.

robert casumbal said...

congrats pascal! you are truly a sketching monster!

eel bog said...

This one has such awesome atmosphere!

Kev said...

Way to go Pascal!

mackaydesign said...

Stuff loks great. Great blog. I really like your use of color in this piece. Very sophisticated palette.