Thursday, January 04, 2007

The sad girl

I was asked by my beautiful fiance to try and draw a sad girl.
She noticed that I don't do enough deep emotions in my drawings.
Probably because I'm afraid of not being able to.
Thanks to her, here I go..

I think it turned out allright, it's very interesting to try and draw though.


Tony C. said...

I love the levels of depth from the foreground to the back.

I have to admit, I initially thought that the pillow on the floor was a dead cat facing away from us. So, that would make the note, a suicide note...from the cat.

I'm not sure if that's disturbing, or really, really funny.

Anonymous said...


well done, sir.

Anonymous said...

hey Pascal,
i love how you play with colours to show depth of spaces... love this one. a while ago, i posted a doodle of a sad girl in my blog as well :-) thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

This one is great! There's a strong sense of rich backstory here. The pose, composition and design all works so well. I actually think it would work just as well without the "good bye" on the note. Kudos.

Anonymous said...

This is so beautiful Pascal, you just keep getting more and more awesome. I really love all the emotion in this.... and all the orange.

The last post kicks butt too!

Franfou said...

wow ! do you draw with photoshop or illustrator for these illustrations ?

bye !

pascal said...

lol, Tony, you're not the only one thinking it was a cat!
sorry about that, but it really was a pillow.

Mike. thank you

Juyon (^__^)

Thank you for saying that about the backhistory
I was trying to tell one that I'm not so familiar with.
I wasn't sure about the note.
I usually see the writtings in a picture as a cheap way out, and I guess I wasn't sure if this would read without it.

Sarah, oh my, coming from a master like you...this is makinh me blush

this is flash