Monday, January 08, 2007

another luge day

I was sick over the weekend, and am still recovering.
That's why I'm redoing a type of sketch I've done before.
Still, Have a great Monday everybody, and stay warm!


Anonymous said...

So this is Pascal on a sick day? Wow.

Tony C. said...

Still fantastic as always. I like the use of silhouette on the car's driver.

Feel better Pascal!

Anonymous said...

and they're off!

something must be going around. i was immobile during the weekend as well...

Anonymous said...

Sick?? Awe. I'm recovering as well... don't forget to dose up on emergen-c!

This sketch is quite fun. I really like the sign. :)

Franfou said...

amusantes tes perspectives tres souvent original ! bravo !

aussi, merci pour les réponses !


Chris said...

Awesome Pascal, I love that sign, haha. I hope your illness is only visiting and not planing on staying too long.

Anonymous said...

So much energy and fun in this Pascal!

I absolutely love your last post as well. You so have one of my very favourite blogs to check :)

Hope you feel better!

pascal said...

Thanks Guys.
I'm feeling MUCH better now.