Wednesday, January 17, 2007

today is fish day

I was trying to find an idea for CAVE MEN, ( the next drawer geek theme) but couldn't come up with anything.
This is just a research doodle, but, I thought it looked fun, so I pushed it a bit, and I'll call it good for today!
I'll try to pick up the kid's in a bit.. when work slows down for me.
In the meantime
Have a GREAT Wednesday!


Tony C. said...

I always love seeing a sketch version of your work. You should post these more often!

pascal said...

Thanks Tony..
this is reallly a throwaway sketch though.
I think I'll put more of these in my book for comicon this year!

BLECHA! said...

Yeah! Ol School Campion.

Love to see the sketchyness too!

Nice one.

eel bog said...


Thierry martin said...