Monday, January 15, 2007

Happy Monday.

This sketch was for a side project.

This particular one was not included in the final, but I thought it was a nice one.

So..I had a pretty full and intense weekend, away from the computer, away from the house, and, heck, away from the world actually.

It's nice to get away once and a while, even when you have a ton of deadlines, and are stressed out about it.

It puts things back into perspective.

Needless say, I now have a ton to catch up on, but, i'm so much more energized and feel so boosted, that it will be a cinch.

This is a GREAT way to start the Week!

Have a great one everybody!


sarah said...

I love her bigger legs with the itty-bitty feet. Very nice :) I love the recent totem pole post as well!

Muffin said...

hehe, you just made me all happy. :)

Mr Harte said...

Looks like a first date ;)
She doesn't look like your usual type gal. Really nice design though as usual.