Wednesday, January 03, 2007

snow white and the sevn miners

For drawer geeks...the theme is snow white.
Since I'm still trying to get back to my normal way of drawing after the break, I'm starting with images that may look more simple than usual...but, it's still great practice.

After a break, I feel like I need to relearn how to draw and motivate myself for it.
Anybody ever feels like that?


Jorge A. Morales said...

In Flash??? Well that explains your animations! I wonder in you use the pen tool or the brushes. Let me know if you have explained your process before so that I look for it in your Blog instead of wasting your time.

Great characters in this illustration, with great personalities by the way!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by Pascal! I really dig your art! Great great sense of design!! It's what I'm trying to improve lately.


Tony C. said...

It's always tough to come back after a long break. Longer the break, the tougher it is. I like this more modern take on the Snow White theme.

Anonymous said...

oh wow! this is so great, pascal! i love it! i've got to get on mine...

and yes- i feel that too. but as soon as i get the first illo done i'm back to normal. and i look at blogs like yours to motivate. :)