Wednesday, October 06, 2010

We were watching Mary Poppins

Lily is a little sick right I came home early yesterday and we were watching Mary Poppins..and she fell asleep on me.

10 comments: said...

great feeling when they sleep on you. All I ever wanted to be in a dad is Baloo.

pascal said...

Thanks David!
Yeah..I love Jungle book too

Kash said...

Simply and cool!!! ^^

pascal said...

Thank you Kash!
I was trying to keep it simple..

quite honestly, I was going to do another witch and little girl image...but I couldn't resist portraying my little girl again!
I'm just a sucker that way

Kash said...

do not worry !
If you are `sucker` - i am nothing ! ^^))

Best way to make a great image - always simple!

I just now saw your video interview - you said many AMAZING things! I am under influence of your creativity! really!
many thanks for than video!

I will follow you!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Campion,
We are having an elementary school counselor meeting today and I am sharing how to do a storybird. They are very excited about it and you, as an artist, were our topic of conversation. Were your ears burning? Tammy Higgins

James P Brouwer said...

Lovely! Miss Poppins is a favourite in our house too.

KAVI said...

Hier j'avais le texte et aujourd' hui l'image : )
Vraiment superbe ! très touchante d'ailleurs ma femme
m' a demandé d'ecrire qu'elle " love the drawing " alors je passe le mot ! bon rétablissement a Lily .

pascal said...

Thank you Kash

pascal said...

Thank you Kash
hey Tammy..ha..thank you

hey James! Good to see you here

Kavi..hahaha oui..c'est ce dont je te parlais!