Thursday, October 14, 2010

New tricks


I will be at  the Alternative Press Expo (APE ) this weekend, at table 214
If you're in San Francisco, please come and stop by to say Hello, meet me and Nidhi Chanani who will be sharing my table.

We'll be selling prints, books and more!
See you this weekend!


Samuel Bishop said...

Great work on the image above. Great sense of depth. It really puts the forms in a very readable space. However, I personally like the flatness of your earlier work a little better.

TREVOR Simonsen said...

If your objective was to make an awesome image. Objective accomplished

Nearchos said...

Wow! You can create so many little stories out of this illustration. Great work Pascal!

kavyashree said...


pascal said...

Thanks guys.

Sam.. I see what you are saying.
These are just different explorations
I still do the flat style at times .

Trevor. Thankyou!

Nearchos.. that's the idea.. everyone should have a personality!


Albertoyos said...

¡Muy bonito! Enhorabuena, eres muy bueno.