Tuesday, October 26, 2010


This is an old animation I did as a fun little challenge .
At the time I think I was still working at Leapfrog and my friend Sarah challenged me to do an animation with a bunch of characters, and that was what I did

Hope you guys enjoy it!
Here's the link to the actual animation


Nicole Kozak said...

This is so awesome! :D How long did it take you to animate?

pascal said...

Thank you Nicole.
You know.. I can't remember.
I know it was a least two evenings...one of which was ONLY for the scarfs!!

It might have been two or three evenings of work

chaz said...

great work!

Simisi said...

Great work as always, I actually want to know what song was playing because that really tops off the atmosphere.

KAVI said...

c'est de la balle , du fun en bombe ! de l'anim quoi ! Bravo Pascal tu es un super animateur ! aussi rapide en anim que sur les illustrations ?

pascal said...

Thanks Chaz

You know.. i'm not sure what it is. I have a bunch of songs like that, little snippets from here and there.. I just used one of them for this piece

ahaha ca me fais rire que tu dises ca vu ou tu bosses et ce que tu y fais.
L'anim, j'ai juste appris ca en route.. je sais que c'est pas tres pro"..mais c'est rigolo a faire!
Merci en tout cas.
Et..ce genre, c'est assez rapide a faire...c'est du "straight ahead"