Thursday, October 07, 2010

Flight Lesson


Oskar Iglesias said...

so funny!

JamesTwelch said...

I enjoy each of your pictures ... I like the animals in this one!

KAVI said...

j'adore les defferentes scenes dans tes dessins , faire attention aux petits animaux autour et tout particulierement ces petits singes qui n'arretent pas de faire des betises . L'aventures continue !

Nat said...

I really can't believe that you can draw so complex and beautiful images for one day only..and I love this theme with the sweet witch and the cute animals...Thank you for givin' me an extra smile for my day : )

Tegan Jephcott said...

I love the witch you have been drawing!

pascal said...

Thank you! vais essayer d'en faire une petite dizainne d'images avec chose d'autres apres.

Well.. I do one everyday, but I don't see them as "one day only" items.
I try to make images that tell stories so that they stick in people's mind for longer that they've looked at them
That makes the images last a whole lot longer..don't you think?

Thank you Tegan

Nat said...

Yes, I do think so...The lighting settings that you arrange are kind of magical and warm and it makes me a part of the whole story : ) I can't wait for tomorrow to come : ))

Johnny B Animation said...

I love this

Anneliese M said...

There's something about this character that reminds me of Tove Jansson! You really have the immense talent of capturing any moment and turning it into something even more magical - absolutely beuatiful and charming, as always :)

pascal said...

Thanks Nat!
I appreciate that comment
You can also sign up for my daily sketch and receive it every day( except for the weekends)...or you can just check it out here!

Thank you Johnny

Anneliese...Ha.. that's the creator of Moomin?.You're the third person to mention that.
That is really funny!
Thank you for those super nice words!