Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Wednesday express

Mid weeks can be tough sometimes!
Have a great Wednesday

and..before anybody asks.
This one took me more then ten minutes!
I did it yesterday actually, in between calls with clients. I work in that type of industry where you rush rush rush like mad to get something to the clients in time, then you wait wait wait for their feedback. This was done while on the phone and in between feedbacks.
It actually goes much faster than one would think. These are super basic shapes, and it's really just pencil on paper.

As far as daily life.
Still really busy. I know these sketches tend to make you think the opposite, but, when you're going as fast as you can on one project, you don't want to cool off while waiting for the feedback, especially when there are more than one projects going on at the same time.
And, actually, I will soon be entering the "finishing" phase which resembles a marathon of drawing drawing drawing. SO... there'll probably be less sketches then!

oh..and for a larger version of the image
Here's a link


Kaboche said...

HI Pascal!
First time on your blog! I really like that drawing! Actually, it make me think a bit about Franquin!


aintshakespeare said...

Great drawing. Very cute. I know all about sitting on the phone. It's a great time to doodle.

pascal said...

Merci Kaboche!
Franquin..ah... what a genius! It's funny you mention it because I was just reading a retrospective on Spirou two days ago, and was thinking of drawing a Spirou, fantasio, the count, the marsupilami, Secotine, etc etc... but opted for the easy way out and drew the train.

Thank you!