Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Drawer Geek's theme this week is Cinderella.
I am, once again, busy busy, so I wanted to do something much quicker than usual. I ended up painting these in flash. I know it doesn't look much different than the other stuff I post, but the process was totally different. I "painted" very large shapes with the thickest brush in Flash, an just added colors, and refining a bit. It went three times faster than usual,which is why I also did some of the other drawer geek's themes , like wolvie and Indiana Jones...

Have a great( unny) day out there!


m.j. Nuñez said...

woooo...! que buenos diseños, me fascina la estilización, el color y movimiento, Felicidades..!!!


Piotr said...

these quick drawings look incredible!! fantastic work pascal:P

Cínica said...

your works are always lovely ♥

pascal said...

Hey Thanks Guys!
Cinica. You're really super nice and a such a great artist yourself. Thank you so much for all the posts!

Thanks. It's funny but sometimes I think I should do ONLY quick sketches like that!

M.J. nunez. Wow. I checked your blog, your figure drawings are amazing!
Great job

sarah said...

Pascal! These are just fantastic. :) I always love seeing what you contribute to drawergeeks.

Mark Behm said...

Actually I thought these looked a LOT different! Very cool stuff. I love the scribbly energy in them. My fav is the 2nd Ciny.