Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back in to the rush of things

Well, you may have noticed by the quality of my sketches recently, but I'm back into the rush of things with work. I haven't been able to focus on great sketches lately, but I've been exploring stuff. With all this new work coming in I'm exploring different ways of working( not just for the hell of it, but because the jobs make me do so). This explains why I'm not doing the same type of sketches I've been doing previously.
Not that I won't anymore, but, something is changing in my way of doing them.

Usually what happens, is when a job like this is over, it takes me a few weeks and it clicks, it gets incorporated in my everyday way of doing things. I'm wondering how all of this is going to turn out.

SO.. for the next couple of weeks, and, actually all the way up to mid July , I should be in this funky state. It's cool and weird at the same time, and I think the lenght of this post is a good sign of it!

In any case, here's the super quick sketch of the day, and a few women that I drew and turned into super heroes.( They were actually fashion models that I used as reference and dressed them up like these super girls.)

And, finally.
Have a great TUESDAY!


CĂ­nica said...

you work really fast! that´s great because you always surprise me :)

pascal said...

HA! Thank you Cinica. That makes me happy!

mike said...

yes! awesome superheroines, pascal!