Friday, June 08, 2007

It came from under

That is supposed to be a big alien elephant trunk and that is supposed to be a jar of peanuts on the floor.
Ah...The mind works in mysterious ways sometimes...

Anyhow, Ocean's thirteen is coming out , I wonder if it's going to be better or worse than all the other number threes ??


Bill said...

Hey pascal, nice colors here. So are you making these in Photoshop or Flash? And how long does it take you to make each one? I'd love to hear/see more about your process. Maybe some sketches you do before hand? Thanks!

Bobby Pontillas said...

i second bill's request! Awesome stuff Pascal! you make it look easy.

pascal said...

Hey guys Thanks

Bill. Yeah, it's done in flash. This one took me a while since I had no idea what I was doing. Maybe an hour and a half or so. I doodled a bunch of different things, than set on the elephant's trump, and built the rest like that.

And, I actually don't do a sketch before hand. The whole point of these is to loosen up before I start doing real work. WHich is why this one got a little out of hand!

I've been asked before to show a process of how I do these. And I still haven't gotten around to it.
Sigh.. I will, when things slow down!
It actually is pretty easy. Flash does 90 percent of the work for you!

Bill said...

Thanks for the response, I gotta try this non-sketch fast painting thing...

Bobby Pontillas said...

Ha! The best guys are always the most humble.

You know what you could try doin, is setting up a sped up recording of you whooping one of these out! Might be easier if its harder to verbalize your process.

Just a thought!