Monday, June 04, 2007


I'm going through a phase of " research" right now. Ever since I've gotten back from Italy, I've been doing a bunch of different experiments. Some alright, some I wouldn't want to share.
This one between I think.

Other than that, It was a good weekend. Went to see Shrek Three but didn't care much for it, and, actually, to tell the truth, I've seen Spiderman Three, and Pirates three, and, NONE of these held my interest.
What the heck? Is it just me or are movies just not that interesting right now?


mike said...

i think that's great pascal! you should send it to greg- we had a drawergeeks topic for alice a while back.

and forget summer blockbuster sequels. go see knocked up! funniest movie of the year!!

Bill said...

I really like this painting. But then again I really like that shade of green. Also, I agree that all three of those sequels were crap. (especially spidey.)

pascal said...

Hey Mike!
Thank you. I actually did that one for DG . I looked at all the stuff that was there before I came on, and I started doing some of the themes I thought would be fun. By the way, your Alice rocked in that one.

lol Thank you.

josh said...

I completely agree; rubbish, the whole lot of sequels.

I don't know what your taste in movies is like but the only recent movie I would recommend seeing is Hot Fuzz. Not only was it clever, but gave me probably the hardest laugh I've had in theaters.

josh said...
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