Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The wedding is getting closer, and I'm starting to feel the pressure!
Between the jobs and the planning, there's a whole lot of stuff that happens that no one ever tells you about. It's a strange feeling and I'm not sure how to explain it. It's both great and scary at the same time.
These are some Backgrounds for one of the projects I'm working on right now. I still don't have time for a regular sketch of the day, but, at least, I'm trying to keep this updated once in a while.


Doron Meir said...

Liking the bar, very effective capture of mood.

dintoons said...

wow! awesome piece of work!!

Philip Dimitriadis said...

These images are absolutely great!!! I just discovered your blog..... really nice work!!! I am linking you up!!!
Very nice style, and what great design!!!
ps- don't worry about the wedding, I went through mine a couple years back and thats normal to have everything a little mixed up in the months before. Just remember to go around and thank everyone after you eat, have someone guard you so you can eat in privacy with your wife, and take lot of pictures. Congratulations!!
-phil d

Honolulu Dogfight said...

you are amazing pascal.
best of luck with the wedding, i'm sure it will go smoothly.
hah, wait until you have a kid!

Simon Scales said...

Hey Pascal
some awesome images here - love the colors - especially love the bar scene. Keep em coming man!! And luck with the will be fine mate

Minini said...

Just can't get enough of looking at your work ^.^ Good luck with your projects!

pascal said...

Hey hey hey
Thank you everybody