Monday, April 23, 2007

Monday, Monday

Well.. Here it is. 19 days to the wedding. I know I seem to talk about it a lot, but really, what would you do in my position?(^_^)
Still no time for new sketches, so, here's another Background I did for of the projects I'm working on.
I feel stressed, but , not in the regular used sense of the way. It's more like I have a lot of stuff to do, but I love it all, which makes it both enjoyable and difficult since I don't want to do bad jobs on any of them. God, in moments like this, I feel that passion so much more than usual. It's great.

This past weekend, I had a second to stop at APE and meet a bunch of friends and new people. I'll probably make posts for some of them in the next few days.
Meanwhile, have a great MONDAY!


CĂ­nica said...

I love your backgrounds!

Have a nice Monday too!

jd said...

This work is so fab! I am a friend of Celeste's and I can hardly wait to see what she is getting from you for her short you are doing for her- she said there are surprize raccoons and birds! Wow! I wish you all the best on your upcoming marriage. . .I have been married for almost 13 years- and getting to be with my guy is still the best part of my life! I'm sending you all beauty and truth for your big event- relax and enjoy - it goes by fast! Your continued fan-

pascal said...

Cinica. Thank you

JD You're a friend of Celeste's?
That's funny. Don't tell her I'm also working on a ton of other projects! I don't want her to worry about hers!

Thank you so much for the kind words!

Zeke said...

Hey congrats on getting married! I'll be getting married later this year in November so I know the feeling. Been following your blog and love your work. I especially love the animation work you have been posting so much that I have compiled most of it into a personal screensaver. It plays a random clip each time the screensaver runs!

sarah said...

So lovely and serene. I have been so scattered lately I haven't been checking my favorite blogs enough.

I hope all the wedding stuff is going well. Stephen and my first anniversary will be right around the same time. Obviously May is a good time of year :)

pascal said...

Zeke, Sarah.
Thank you so much guys, and sorry for the "no reply" mode. I'm really trying to rush to the finish line with all of these projects and get everything in order for the wedding and receiving people here!
Pheww...then we also have to prepare for our honey moon..OH yeah!