Thursday, April 26, 2007


I've been doing a bunch of animation work lately. A lot of little short films ranging from one to two minutes. Which is why I haven't been posting sketches at all. But here's a selection of shots from one of them. There should be enough sketches here to last me until June, no?

On the other news, the wedding is now two weeks away. YEAH!

HAve a great Thursday everyone


jd said...

Ok- I love, love, love this stuff!!!!!!!! You are hot, because you are fly- ok, I'm not really all that sure what that means- just that you are GREAT!!!!!!! On the wedding- RELAX and take it all in- I can tell you are a guy who goes with his heart- so feel the love! I'm going to see stuff from Celeste @ noon today- can hardly wait to see what you have given her so far- Have a great time @ your wedding and on your honeymoon- where are you going? I am determined to work with you @ some point in the future . . everything has a season,
your fan,

Cínica said...


This is AMAZING!

You worked a lot and this is great!!!!

I tottaly love it ♥♥♥

(Are you getting married?)

Cínica said...


Lee said...

this stuff is beautiful!
those colors and compositions are terrific!!

Alina Chau said...

Love the design!! BEautiful and fun!

sarah said...

Awesome and so funny! I love your storyboardesque posts :)

pascal said...

Thank you everybody. So nice of you!

Kt Shy said...

I adore your designs and the monochromatic colour schemes work soooo well! I can't wait to see these in motion! Awesome work! ^___^