Monday, April 30, 2007


Sorry, couldn't resist...had to do it.
My new favorite all time game, Guitar hero!
Yesterday, katrina and I were cleaning the house in preparation for friends and family to come, when I took five as someone I adore puts it. And, those five turned into three hours of non stop playing. Hell, it's all I can do now NOT to get up and go plug in Guitar Hero 2 !!!!

Happy Monday Guys!


jd said...

You are CRAZY GOOD! Now your blog is an addiction so I can get inspired by some wow goods! You're turning it on! Hell yes, play that music! Go Rockstar Pascal!
jd=your fan!

Maurizio said...

Guitar hero 2 is wonderful !! R&R all the time !! Keep us updated on yr career :P

Thanks for all :)


pascal said...

JD.. Oh..thank you so much. I don't consider myself "crazy" good, but I really, really appreciate the compliment!

Maurizio. GOD...My finger are hurting!!

k. borcz said...

ohh I think my friend who loves elephants will LOVE this picture....I must guide her towards it...very nice!

encre said...

Nice coincidence, I find your blog passing by jnurp's blog ( , and the last work he has done was a flash game for "guitar hero 2" .