Friday, April 13, 2007

Good bye Sketch

Some of you know this already, but today is my last day at Leapfrog. So, This is my Goodbye sketch.
As I have mentioned in my previous post, my wedding is in less than a month, and then, the honey moon. In between then and now, I still have a bunch of projects to finish, and I will definitely be busy! BUT... do tune in in June, I'm hoping to be back with a bunch of new goodies.
Until then, have a GREAT Friday.


mike said...

wow! what a goodbye sketch, pascal. simply awesome!

i didn't know you were leaving leapfrog. shoot me an email sometime and let me know what's up. :)

Glorb said...

J'espère que tu bloggueras à l'occasion. C'était un réel plaisir de voir tes dessins, avec toujours autant de mouvement et d'expression en trois traits. :)

Bon samedi. ;)

Cínica said...

Amazing! I love the story of noel´s ark

pascal said...

Hey guys.
Thank you.

Mike. I'll email you right away!

Glorb. Comme dit l'autre, ce n'est qu'un aurevoir, et pas un bien grand en plus. Je pense que je vais poster des trucs d'ici pas trop longtemps en fait!

That's very sweet of you. Thank you

Arioch said...

That's so wonderful!
Lovely crow and little bunny. They are my favourite :)

Muffin said...

wow, Pascal - you're getting married in less than a month? time flies! Im sorry for my lack of comments the last month, but south africa is really getting to me. :) I'll be back though, stronger. Looking forward to June and GOOD LUCK with the wedding and everything. :)

i didnt know you were quitting leapfrog either, are you going 100% freelance?

robert casumbal said...

congrats pascal. i wish you and kat a lifetime of happiness and joy.

Janne said...

I've been checking your blog almost daily and almost from the start of it but I've never commented before :) My french is pretty bad so...

I've been truly in awe of your stuff. It's so whimsical, dynamic and full of life! It has been of course very inspirational too and I certainly will be picking up the digital pen in Flash thanks to you ;)

All the best for your future and congratulations on your marriage! Keep it up man!

pascal said...

Hi guys!
Thank you so much for all the good words!