Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Living la Dolce Vita

I really don't know at all why this drawing came out with this imagery. I didn't particularly have a great night, I actually had a nightmare. I have a slight headache, much more due to frustration than actuall sickness, and I'm not seeing myself as an elephant.....Then again...maybe my subconscious knows things I don't?

Anyhow. It's a beautiful day here in San Francisco, I'm reading a great book called a good year. I know they've made a movie of it with Russel Crowe, which is annoying, because I have NOT seen the movie. But since they plastered a picture of mister Crowe on the cover, i can't help but picture him as the main guy who is supposed to be english, and, in my mind, younger, better looking, and a lot smoother than our favorite( or not) Aussie.

Oh well.


Chris said...

Bah! Looks like it's going take a lot more than a giant work to stop the Campion! Great sketch!

pascal said...

Thanks Chris.
Actually, I am slowing down, more than you can see. The sketch of the day is the one thing I really hate to not be able to do. It's like my" dessert" at the very beginning of the day. When I can't do it anymore, that means that my workloads are such that I need to sacrifice this slice of time to actual work work.