Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's this?

Drawer Geeks is Robots this week.

I thought I'd try and do something ahead of time this round!

Have a GREAT Tuesday( Although I wish it was friday evening already...sigh..)



mike said...

oh wow, pascal! that's awesome! and very creative.

i'm trying to get mine done early too.

Jorge Morales said...

ingenius. Do you usually start out your illustrations with the colors you en up with, or do you color correct at the end?

pascal said...

thanks guys.

It depends. For this one, I had the colors in mind before I started. I just built my image with those colors.

Jorge Morales said...

You got that naturale talent...I'm really glad that you take your time to talk to us your fans. You have annoyed me with your daily illustrations to the point I am reading the Animator's Survival Kit again to get back in the game.

Thanks, dude.

Jorge Morales said...

PS. I meant "annoyed" in a good way.


sarah said...

I meant to comment on this yesterday! It's so awesome. I am so glad you are a part of drawergeeks now, you always bring such a unique spin to the idea.

Love the green tones and how you've made these guys so expressive :)