Tuesday, March 13, 2007

The crossing

Happy Tuesday everybody. make sure you don't get sick, like some people I know ( Get well, soon Honey, I love you).
On a different note, I just finished reading Harry Potter, the Half blood Prince. and, my god, I had only heard luke warm rumors about that book, but, it's REALLY GOOD. And No one told me what happens to Dumbledore in that!!
Can't wait for the movie and the next book to come out.
Oh, and I saw 300 over the weekend, and must be one of the onl people I know that didn't care for it. Anybody out there that thinks like me?
In any case, have a great Tuesday!


St John Street said...

Great story boards love the reds and idea!!! may I ask how long it would take you to complete these ill pieces? well hope the day was good to you stay fresh !!!


pascal said...

Hey St john.
Hmm. How long?
Good question. I actually did that one in two parts.
I did the first illustration yesterday even..I'd say, maybe an hour and then some.
I did the other ones this morning, and that was another hour plus.
So, all in all, a little under three hours.
The thing is, when I start these in the evening, i'm all warmed up from the day, so it's a lot easier. Then, finishing them up as oposed to starting them in the morning, is easy.
The really hard ones are the ones like the previous days, when I do everything in the morning. But, it's a good discipline.

booda baby said...

You won't remember me, but I used to be on the AWN forum as Scary Fairy.
I eventually dropped by (and surprisingly, stayed) at the Keyframer forum (owned and operated by Chris Georgenes, who does those coolo tutorials for Adobe).

So, first I posted a link to your animations and - naturally - EVERYONE was impressed and loved them and THEN I hunted down a few of your old bits on angelfire and THEN, I stupidly thought (what with everyone LOVING your stuff) that someone ought to say: Wouldn't you like to visit this little Flash forum?

I can't believe I even suggested it. What a big fat stupid imposition. Nevertheless. Once it was said, I was obliged to do it. So. Here I am. Doing it. :)

It's at (ooh. where IS it at?. There:


pascal said...

Booda Baby..Thank you so much .
This is such a nice compliment. I just went to that site..It's pretty big. Very nice site. I actually know Chris Georgenes, i don't know if he's ever mentioned that to you.