Friday, March 16, 2007

Robot boss

That was an animation I did for the last pass of drawer geeks.
Sine I'm too sick still to do a new sketch of the day today, I just thought I'd post this one up.


iamintricate said...

It's so.. animated! Ok, fluid was the word I was looking for. Your Boss animations are always superb Pascal.

Get well!

Alan said...

Really nice! I particularly like the varying timing and pacing this time around :)

Mathieu Beaulieu said...

I love it!!

St John Street said...

So funny if only right great scene!!!


Jeroen Jaspaert said...

Hi pascal,
I've just been checking out your website. It's amazing!!!!!! A fine example that you can do wonders with flash. Your musicals and your (endless) door animation are my favourites.
Keep up the great stuff.

pascal said...

Hey Guys.
Sorry I hadn't answered before.
Thank you for all your good words. I really REALLY apreciate it, especially when it comes from aces!!