Thursday, August 17, 2006

random drawing

Ok.. honestly.. this is what happens to a skecth when I screw it up.
I was working on a whole different concept, and, when it was done, I showed it to kat, who( bless her heart) canno't lie about my work to save her life.
in short, it didn't pass her test.

So..I took that sketch and butchered it a bit before deciding to trhow it away.
and since I don't have a sketch of the day now... this "eror" will have to do!

Kat, I love you.
Thank you!


sarah said...

It's crazy difficult to post stuff you don't like to maintain the sketch-a-day. I feel that way so often. But I think you are being too hard on yourself... I really like this. The little blue guy with the tiny moustache has so much character :)

Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

its pretty good for a ''bad sketch''

I just dont like the color's.

robert casumbal said...

seriously, bad sketch? we all are our worst critics. sketches are the journey, and i for one am rarely satisfied with my finished drawings. i give you props for posting this though. it's great to see your own honest opinions given with your work. it's all in the process right?

BTW... they are still showing your Ritz commercials here! i'm sure you catch them, when you do have time to watch tv (do you?)... anyway... i love seeing your work!

now that the wedding is over, got time to meet up in the next couple of weeks? i owe ya for the book!

pascal said...

I adore your directness!
Agreed, i'm not crazy about it either.

Thank you.'s a discipline I enjoy though.
I break the habit once in a while, sometimes because i just can't do it( i'm physically away from a computer linked to the net...(yes, it does happen), or , i'm just overwhelmed by other stuff.
But.. I try really hard to make time for my own personal stuff.

HIP HIP HIP HURRAH!!!'s funny how everybody talks about these again all of a sudden.
'must be making a rerun or something.
sigh.. I liked those spots.. so much fun to work on.