Tuesday, August 01, 2006

opening the box

ok.. not my best, but , it moves the story along.

I think I'm feeling a little blah today..
hmm... could be the counter effects of all that's been going on lately, with work, the con, and the wedding.


robert casumbal said...

aha! a gift from the gods! not sure which god though... clever bookmark placement, dammit!
- btw, just got the book! IT IS SO COOL on the coolness scale! thanks for the kind words, too.. you are the greatest man!

I hope you feel better man! maybe ya need a little time to decompress. long, quiet walks help soothe the soul.

pascal said...

you GOT it already?
wow... that was fast!
I just sent it yesterday.

That's the first time I am impressed with the mail system!


pascal said...

feeling better?


robert casumbal said...

yeah.. i guess cause you are only across the bay :) you mentioned you were feeling a bit blah. are ya cool now?

pascal said...

I just stepped out to get some coffee!
That's the BLAHreducer I needed!

Thanks Bobby!

Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

Your getting married?


then it must be a wedding cake!

pascal said...

hahahaha a wedding cake!
that's funny.

Nope, not a wedding cake.
and, yes, I'm getting married, but I still have quite a few months ahead of me.
Katrina( my Fiance) is good at planning ahead, which is why I'm always thinking about the wedding.
you'll see what I mean in ten years or so, Chet!

heri said...

hey pascal, what did you do for this one? flash? i bookmarked your gallery.


pascal said...

Yes, it's flash.