Thursday, August 03, 2006

almost there

almost uncovered the prize



BLECHA! said...

to answer your question a few posts back...

a blessing, my friend.

great seeing you for a little bit. sorry we didn't get to eat food or drink a drink too much together.

maybe see you next may?

robert casumbal said...

drum roll please! cute set up... love the spotlight!

pascal said...

yup, it's a blessing, 'sure is!

Kat's sad she didn't get to see you too!
oh well.

Bobby...keep the drum roll for the next one..(^__^)

Frank Ferrao said...

Hey Pascal, your work ROCKS ! this is Frank from Hong Kong, your site says buy my sketch book but with no button obuy, am I missing something or is it sold out.

Also do u have any article or sharing of your workflow in flash.


pascal said...

hey there Frank.

Honk Kong?
hmmm... that's quite a ways to go!

No you're not missing anything.
The link for it is broken now.
I do have a few more books to sell, but I just coudn't accomodate the demand at this point( whihc is a REALLY good feeling by the way!)

I can still send one to you though, just send me your adress.

Are you a part of Studio Media?

Frank Ferrao said...

hey pascal, do u have a email I can send the address to, yes I was part of STVDIO.