Friday, August 25, 2006

dog fight over provence

I just finished reading this book"A year in Provence, by Peter Mayle.
A very funny book, about this english couple who decides to buy a house in the south region of france called Provence, and live there.
The book has twelve chapters, one for each month, and is very very funny, and OH , so acurate! has inspired the last "old town" drawing, and this one, which is a combination of the flying pigs, and some houses from provence( style wise at least!).

Also, believe it or not...these birds ARE typical from the south of France!
That's probably where they come from!

and, while I'm at's another image of the pigs in a more "charming" environment.
I like putting the two together, since they were pretty much done in the same sitting..., and both are not for work!

Mister cow...just in case you wonder.. I do work as well!
but I can't show any of it here!( and that wouldn't be the point anyhow!)


Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

Cool drawings i like the pigs (as always)

mike said...

you are a crazy, crazy machine, pascal. :)

i love those pigs in the car. actually i love just the car too. the background is also very nice.

BLECHA! said...

damn you pascal.

that car is awesome.

pascal said...

they're BOTH pig images.
there must be something about me and pigs.
Which is really funny, because we had a good hearty sunday breakfast today, with, guess what...??yup.. BAcon.

I didn't think too much about it on the moment, but , an hour later, I was wait.. did I just eat what i draw?
I was slightly funny.

c'mon guys... a little funny at least, no?

'love those little cute monsters you're pumping out these days!