Wednesday, August 16, 2006


This started as a phone doodle,
I just liked the shape of the animal with that little guy on it after the phone call.

I'm always surprised at the type of images and stories we all have in our heads.

Other than that.
Kat and I had indian food again last night.
For anybody that knows me, i'm generally know as a health freak, but , dude, put me in front of some saag dahl, some chicken tandoori, and some bengan bartha, and I become a ..a...a...
a something not very nice to watch!

For all of you who live in the city(san francsico) and haven't tried the llittle polk street restaurant"star of india", I higly recommand it!



sarah said...

Hi Pascal! Thanks for the kind comment on my blog! Yay! I really love your use of bright colours and bold shapes here. So very appealing :)

Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

indian food is pretty good, but its too expensive.

Thunderrobot(aka Chet) said...

indian food is pretty good, but its too expensive.

pascal said...

See, the city.. you can get a FULL meal for 7 or 8 dollars!
You just need to find the right hole in the wall!

It's MY pleasure.
YOu have a fantastic style, you're fast, and your work is just so much fun to watch and get immersed in( i'm esppecially refering to the dindle story
It's just normal that I should tell you!

Martin Hsu said...

aww... snow kitty so cute!!!
this is looking really awesome buddy. you're right, the shape of the "animal" looks great! you rock.

Alan said...

Great india out on Geary and 25th is pretty good too. They deliver as well.

Great image! Your shapes and compositions are sick.

pascal said...

would you believe that GREAT INDIA is teh very first Inian place I actually had lunch at?
the first week I moved here, we were unpacking my stuff, and, around two thirty , we were starving ,and Katrina took me there!

That's where I fell in love again!